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Letchworth: Canals, Railroads & Waterfalls

It's the Coolest Hike in Letchworth!

Imagine yourself on the OTHER side of the Upper Falls!  This hike allows you to view the unspoiled western side of the Genesee River, then hike under the infamous railroad bridge to the Upper Falls.  From there, you'll follow the abandoned canal & railroad bridge to the dangerous landslide.  But no worries, we'll stop just before so you can view nature's powerful damage!  This is a great 3 mile hike with original railroad bed travel, Genesee River views, landslides, rock slides, unique views of the railroad bridge, ice damaged trees, original canal bed and maybe a peek at the Middle Falls.  Guaranteed to be well worth the price.

If you’ve been to the “busy” side of Letchworth, let us take you to the “quiet” side to show you one of our favorite hike in the park. There is a hill to climb, and the entrance trail can be narrow and a bit tricky to navigate if you're not sure footed.  Most of the remaining trail is old road and old railbed.  We'll be able to walk two people side by side for almost the entire hike.  

Difficulty: This is rated easy except for tricky trail footing at trail entrance.

Length: 3 miles total, out and back.

Estimated Time: 2 Hours, but may be longer because of hiker speed, trail conditions or unexpected event.

Private Tours: Private tours are available. Call us for availability.

Refund/Cancellation policy: This hike is rain or shine. For all day hikes you may cancel up to twenty four (24) hours before start time for a full refund. If hike is canceled by Trail Otter due to adverse weather conditions, you will have the option to reschedule or a full refund.

Where to meet: We ask that you meet us at the Portageville Bridge on Rt. 436 in Portage.  This location is next to the Genesee River, just as Rt. 436 comes down the very steep hill into Portageville.  The parking lot is on the opposite side of the river from the hamlet of Portageville.  If you're coming from the Portageville entrance, cross the Portageville Bridge and immediately park.  If you're coming from Nunda, come down the very steep hill and park just before crossing the bridge.  Park on either side of the road.  Please meet twenty minutes before your scheduled hike to ensure liability forms are complete and you are prepared for the hike.

What to bring/wear: Depending on the weather, bring seasonally appropriate clothing. Avoid cotton, especially socks - wool or synthetic socks are best. Bring a change of footwear and socks for your car ride home just in case it is wet or muddy. Bring water for hydration. If you are accustomed to using hiking poles for balance, they will work great for this hike.

Summer & Early Fall: we highly recommend long pants, as there are plants that may make you very itchy.

Winter & Early Spring: ice and snow melt much slower in the gorge. Microspikes or similar products and/or snowshoes may be required. We will advise you conditions and requirements before your cold weather adventure.

Bugs: Mosquitoes will be present in the spring/summer/fall so any deet product works best but use anything you’re comfortable with on your body. Ticks are now everywhere in the Genesee Valley and can be active any time of year. Use permethrin on your boots and deet on your body for the best protection.

Dogs: We love ‘em, but unfortunately they are not allowed on this hike because of mountain bike traffic.

Letchworth: Canals, Railroads & Waterfalls

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Sat, Jul 2, 2022 at 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
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