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Hiked ‘Em All Challenge: Hike all the open trails in the Letchworth State Park Official Map & Guide, any time of year, and join The Hike Letchworth Hiked ‘Em All Club. Registration for this challenge opens April 1st, after all roads and trails are open in the park.  And before you ask - Yes! You can use any Winter 50 completed trail towards the Hiked ‘Em All challenge.

Dates Open:  April 1st - November 30th
Number of Trails:  29 
Challenge Length:
  74.25 miles
Longest Trail:  24 miles - FLT Finger Lakes Trail
Shortest Trail:  .25 miles - #19A Chipmunk Trail 
Cost:  $20.00

How do you get started? Follow the list below to start your challenge:

  1. Read this entire page. It has lots of great information and answers frequently asked questions.

  2. Go to the Sign Up page.

  3. Read the Liability & Assumption of Risk page.
  4. Enter your name and e-mail address, check the agreement box
  5. Continue to the payment page.  ** Choose free in-store or curbside pickup for delivery method ** 
  6. We'll e-mail you the official Hiked 'Em All Checklist and how to access the Hiked 'Em All Facebook page.
  7. Ensure you’ve minimized your risks BEFORE heading out on the trail.

  8. Grab an Official Map & Guide from Trail Otter or any number of other businesses & restaurants near Letchworth.
  9. Head outside and hit the trail!

  10. Watch for our guided hikes to help you knock a few trails off your list with other like-minded hikers.


Why do you charge for this challenge?  The hiking trails in Letchworth State Park are maintained by two organizations that will greatly benefit from this challenge.  The Friends of Letchworth State Park (FOLSP) help to maintain approximately two-thirds of the hiking trails in Letchworth, and the Finger Lakes Trail Conference (FLTC) maintain the remaining third consisting of the Letchworth Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail.  Each organization will receive proceeds from the challenge fee.

How many trails are in the Hiked 'Em All Challenge? Currently there are 29 Letchworth trails complete.  Refer to the Challenge Checklist for the trail list.

How many miles are in the Challenge?  The Challenge will require 74.25 miles to complete.  There are 50.25 miles of State Park trails, and 24 miles along the Finger Lakes Trail.  

Do we need to complete the challenges in one year? No - take as long as you need to complete this challenge. No need to push yourself too far, too fast or put yourself in danger to complete.

Do I need to hike the entire length of every trail? What makes this a challenge is hiking the entire length of all the trails. We have trail cams everywhere (just kidding, the challenge is on the honor system!). 

Is this a race?  It is a challenge, not a race. We will not be tracking who does this the fastest, or any situation where someone may put themselves or others at risk for rescue or injury.

Is there cell service in Letchworth State Park? Depends, but assume no. There is very little to no cellular service at the south end of Letchworth (Portageville/Falls end) and potentially spotty in the north (Mt. Morris/Dam end).  If you’re worried about your safety, consider bringing a satellite communication device.

How hard is the challenge?

We highly recommend hiking with others at all times of the year, and especially in winter. If something goes wrong, others in your group may be able to get you the assistance you may need, especially in areas without cell service.

This any time of year challenge is rated moderate by the Official Map & Guide, but can be broken up to allow novices to complete the trails. It cannot be overstated that your risks increase dramatically in wintertime. This cannot be stressed enough: IT IS VERY DIFFICULT AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO ATTEMPT THE “HIKED ‘EM ALL” CHALLENGE IN WINTERTIME. We have intentionally not made a winter Hiked ‘Em All challenge, as trailhead remoteness and short daylight hours make completing too dangerous for most.  We highly recommend you only complete trails that are accessible from open winter roads within the park between December 1st and March 31st.  There are few, if any, people on the trails between the Perry & Castile entrances and trails accessible from the Parade Grounds during winter months.  You are ultimately responsible for your safety - take winter conditions and risks seriously.

What to bring/wear: In addition to a hiking partner, bring seasonally appropriate wool or synthetic clothing. Always be prepared for inclement weather. Bring a change of footwear and socks for your car ride home just in case it is wet or muddy. You’ll need extra water for hydration in wintertime. Use hiking poles for balance if necessary. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Late Spring, Summer & Early Fall: we highly recommend long pants, as there are plants that may make you very itchy.

Early Spring: ice and snow melt makes hiking much harder. MICROspikes or similar products and/or snowshoes may be required. We sell and rent MICROspikes, and may have snowshoes to rent at Trail Otter (supply is very limited). Leave the sneakers at home, along with your cotton socks - bad ideas in snow, slush & cold mud.

Any digital maps? We suggest using Avenza maps in Letchworth State Park.

How can I track mileage? Use the AllTrails app to track mileage, or any familiar app. The challenge is based on the honor system, so if you’re estimating - do your best!

Ticks/Mosquitoes/Bugs: Ticks are now everywhere in the Genesee Valley and can be active any time of year. Use permethrin on your boots and clothing, and deet or picaridin on your skin for the best protection.  Mosquitoes will be present in the spring/summer/fall so any deet/picaridin product works best but use anything you’re comfortable with on your body. 

Will you offer hikes to help complete the challenges? Yes, we will offer hikes throughout the year to help you finish. Check the Trail Otter Hiking Club schedule page for details. The hikes will be weather and trail condition dependent to minimize risk.

How can I minimize risk? Below are a few things you can do to minimize your risk, but going into the woods is inherently dangerous and the below list cannot make you risk-free.  Remember, by participating in this challenge you are responsible for your own safety:

  1. TELL SOMEONE  WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WHEN YOU EXPECT TO RETURN.  Provide this person with Letchworth State Park phone numbers: (585) 658-4692 / 585-493-3600 and instruct them to call those numbers if you are overdue.  Many trail are considered REMOTE in the wintertime.  This means no cell reception and very few if any people traversing the trails.  Having someone who knows where you are hiking and can call for help may save your life if the unexpected happens. Download the Watcher Sheet to help you provide information to the person watching for your return.

  2. BE PREPARED.  Check weather reports, wear appropriate clothing and anticipate an unexpected night in the woods.  Bring at least an emergency blanket/bivy, extra food & water, and a fire starter just in case. (Tip: keep your phone close to your body to keep it warm so the battery lasts longer - placing it in airplane mode also extends battery life.)

  3. PURCHASE A PERMETHRIN PRODUCT AND TREAT YOUR CLOTHING & BOOTS BEFORE HIKING.  Lyme disease is debilitating and may take years to recover.  You do not want to contract Lyme disease from deer ticks.  Deer ticks can be very difficult to locate on your body, and many hikers don’t realize they’ve been bitten until it’s too late.  A spray can of permethrin costs less than $10 and kills deer ticks.  Follow package instructions.  Combine with a deet or picaridin product for your skin to minimize your risk for infection.


  5. ALWAYS BRING A HEADLAMP OR FLASHLIGHT.  Many rescues are initiated because hikers miscalculate sunset and have no light source.  Remember, it becomes dark earlier in the woods than at your house (unless your house is in the woods :-).

  6. BRING ALONG AN OFFICIAL LETCHWORTH MAP & GUIDE.  Free maps are available at Trail Otter and many other Genesee River Valley locations.  YES FREE!  Familiarizing yourself with the map before heading out on the trail. 

  7. BRING A WHISTLE. A whistle is louder and travels much farther than your voice (and doesn’t go hoarse).  Whistles help rescue personnel locate you.  Lightweight and easy to use.  (Tip: purchase a pea-less whistle for use in wintertime).

  8. BRING A COMPASS.  Learn how to use it.

  9. BRING A PERSONAL FIRST AID KIT.  Depending on where you are in the park, understand that rescue personnel may take more than an hour to reach you.  Be prepared for basic first aid needs.  In addition to items in a commercially produced first aid kit, consider the following:

    • Bring all personal medications for a 24 hour period (in case you have that unexpected overnight).  

    • If your allergy requires an EPI pen, bring both pens - you may need both to stop an allergic reaction. 

    • Bring chewable baby aspirin (81mg) and understand how to use it in the event of a heart attack.

  10. Use STOP if you become lost: Sit, Think, Observe, Plan - take 5 minutes to calm down and think can potentially save your life.

And please remember to practice Leave No Trace while on the trail:

  1. Plan ahead and prepare

  2. Dispose of waste properly

  3. Leave what you find

  4. Respect wildlife

  5. Be considerate of others

  6. Travel & camp on durable surfaces

  7. Minimize campfire impacts

I finished my Hiked 'Em All Challenge, now what? We'll open a Finisher’s Page soon.  Then you can e-mail us your completed Hiked 'Em All Checklist that tells us you’ve completed your awesome achievement.  After we verify your submission, we'll send you the snazzy Hike Letchworth Hiked 'Em All patch and post your name to the Finisher's Page.